Chemicals (resins)

Providing quality logistics to help guarantee secure, safe and reliable raw materials supply

Chemicals (resins)


We provide customers in the chemicals industry with advanced logistics services, including storage, transport, special processing and repacking services coupled with quality management indispensable for the transport of chemicals such as synthetic resin.

Features and strengths

Ownership of large warehouses suitable for mass storage

MGL owns multiple large warehouses in the Keiyo Kombinat district of Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, which are also equipped with outdoor storage areas.
These warehouses are used for the storage of synthetic resins and other cargo.

Changing packing modes to suit particular needs

Facilities are completely outfitted with synthetic resin repacking equipment, and packing modes can be changed to meet certain customer needs.

Heavy transport service

MGL utilizes its network to transport freight throughout Japan by land and rail.

Bulk container logistics services

The bulk container system helps rationalize logistics operations, maintain product quality, and perform bulk transport.
Our transportation system, which involves moving resins directly from one silo to another, reduces costs by saving on the labor necessary to load and unload trucks as well as do product inputting work.
Our approach is effective for preventing contamination, etc. and maintaining quality.


MGL owns a 35,000 tsubo (115,700 m2) bonded warehouse in the Keiyo Industrial Zone.

We also own a 9,000 tsubo (29,750 m2) outdoor storage area.

We handle delivery business to locations throughout Japan in response to various needs.


Can you do importing and exporting work?

Yes. Because our facilities include private berths run by other companies, we can also handle barge transportation to and from the Port of Yokohama.

Can you store anything other than synthetic resins?

We can handle general pallet storage, but we cannot store dangerous goods, poisonous substances, odorous products, etc.

Can you repack anything other than synthetic resins?

No, unfortunately. Our equipment is specialized in synthetic resins, so we cannot repack non-resin products.


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