Cosmetics/Health Food/Mail Order Logistics

High-spec logistics service that achieves exceptionally high quality and a completely sanitary environment

Cosmetics/Health Food/Mail Order Logistics

Cosmetics/Health Food/Mail Order Logistics

We provide companies operating B-to-C business in the cosmetics and health food industries with high-quality distribution processing services.
We provide fulfillment services to support the commercial distribution business of our customers, including support related to building e-commerce sites, running call centers, and handling payment business.

Examples of handled commodities

Health food



Recommended for customers facing these kinds of issues

  • 1

    Difficulties related to logistics shortly after launch

  • 2

    A desire to have us handle both B-to-B (stores, wholesaling, and department stores) and B-to-C (mail ordering) business

  • 3

    Complex import and export arranging work that takes a lot of time

  • 4

    A desire to review logistics in order to expand business

Features and strengths

From small-quantity shipping to large-quantity shipping

We can accommodate shipping volume from 4,000 to up to 1 million shipments per month.
We use our logistics centers throughout Japan to handle needs related to scalability and BCP measures (transitioning to multiple bases).

Industry-leading shipping quality

We have achieved outstanding shipping quality with a shipping error rate of less than one in one million.
In addition, we have prepared a work environment suitable for various needs, including not only warehouse-internal surveillance cameras and pest monitoring but also the requirement to wear white uniforms and hats.

Cosmetics and quasi-drug manufacturing business (storage, packaging, and labeling)

MGL can provide integrated service, including everything from the receipt of products before they are on the market until shipping decisions are made.
Because manufacturing can be handled within our distribution centers, we have reduced the costs typically necessary to transport products from one warehouse to another.
We can handle work that includes making the decision to ship products imported from overseas, packaging/labeling work, returned-product restoration work (labeling, package changing, indication replacement, etc.), and the assembly of sets for product sales promotion.

WMS and warehouse-internal designs in line with customer logistics needs

By developing WMSs suitable for customer interfaces, we enable flexible operations.
In addition, we design warehouse-internal work that is suitable for the logistics scale of each customer.
MGL also enables customers to review and mechanize their work process in line with business expansion needs while also optimizing and visualizing logistics by using logistics reports.

E-commerce service

MGL provides fulfillment services as a package that includes affiliated companies in order to handle call center and payment business.
We also respond to various other customer needs, including the proposal of digital printing and packaging materials, the distribution processing of various kinds of incidental work, and the provision of sample photo rooms.

Operation systems that satisfy ISO 27001 (information protection)

In July of 2005, MGL obtained ISO 27001 certification—the international standard for information security management systems (ISMSs)—and we strive to protect the information assets entrusted to us by customers (customer and personal information) as we conduct business.

Operation model

The warehouse control system (WCS) analyses shipment data and identifies the orders that include only items that are ranked in the top 60 in terms of shipment frequency and shipped from Lane Z.
Secondary pattern analyses of shipping orders help optimize personnel assignment and maximize work efficiency.

Customer feedback


Increasing commercial
gains and efficiency

We helped to expand mail order business by 200%.

・Establishment of space and a personnel system in line with the shipping volume

・Achievement of suitable mechanization and labor saving to realize further increases in capacity

・Achievement of BCP in six months by using multiple bases

Customer feedback from a mail-order health food manufacturer


Launching a small-scale
e-commerce business

We followed up in various ways to help a real store enter the mail order business.

・Setting up a warehouse and launching shipping operations in six months as preparation to enter the mail order business

・Designing a system in response to data interface needs

・Achievement of gift packaging, leaflets, and one-to-one delivery slips (personalized delivery slips)

・Introducing various shipping boxes based on the consideration of commodities and freight rates

Customer feedback from a wholesaling and mail order health food and miscellaneous goods manufacturer


Reducing logistics costs

We worked with a customer to identify and resolve issues in the hopes of increasing logistics efficiency.

・Eliminating not only warehouse but also upstream waste and inefficiency

・Increasing efficiency by unifying the delivery form of each factory

・Reducing man-hours by promoting touch processing and reviewing the shipping schedule

・Quantifying storage-cost increases due to the number of shipments > the number of deliveries and reviewing economical production lots

Customer feedback from a mail order cosmetics manufacturer


Special work

We provided integrated service, including everything from the receipt of products before they are on the market until shipping decisions are made.

・Shipping decisions related to products imported from overseas

・Packaging, labeling, and returned-product restoration work (labeling, package changing, indication replacement, etc.)

・Assembling sets for product sales promotion

Feedback from a wholesaling and mail order cosmetics manufacturer (that also handles a lot of imports)


Is it possible to operate on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays?

It might be, depending on the bases, quantity, and other conditions.
We will propose the best possible operation system based on a comprehensive perspective, including the quantity, business characteristics, and costs.

Is one-to-one service available?

We can propose variable delivery slips (personal statements).
The printed details can be changed according to the customer’s purchase history, age, and other attributes, which helps increase the shipper’s sales.
We can also handle inventory management and printing, though there are limitations on included item specifications.

Do you handle gift packaging, etc.?

Yes. We make such proposals, including selecting the optimal materials, based on a comprehensive perspective, including the workability, product characteristics, beauty, and costs.
We can also change the details indicated on the delivery slip (such as by not indicating the amount).

Do you have a PrivacyMark?

No, but each office that conducts mail order logistics business has obtained ISO 27001 certification.

Can you outsource cosmetics manufacturing tasks based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act?

Yes, this can be done at our Saitama Distribution Center and Honmoku Distribution Centers, which have cosmetics manufacturing business licenses (including packaging, labeling, and storage).

Is your work environment sanitary?

This depends on the specific business requirements, but we can take measures that include setting up air showers at entrances and exits, pest control and monitoring, and dustproof coatings.
Our workers also wear white uniforms and hats to reduce the risk of contamination.

Tell me about your record of cooperation related to cart systems.

We have an extensive track record of such cooperation, including various mail order malls, major cart systems (ask us for details), and scratch systems.
There have also been cases where we link data after consolidating received orders with the centralized management systems of shippers.

Do you have any examples of labor-saving initiatives?

We promote the automation of various processes, including automatic packing machines, automatic invoice affixation, automatic sorting machines, and automatic conveyors.
We will propose the best possible automation equipment based on a comprehensive perspective, including the quantity, business characteristics, and costs.

How much is the unit price?

Our estimate will be based on the specific commodities, quantity, and various other conditions.
The items on the bill include storage costs, warehousing costs, shipping costs (depends on the pcs, individual cost, and various other conditions), material costs, administrative costs, and WMS usage fees.


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