Founded - the 2000s

Feb. 1959

Nitto Soko Co., Ltd. established
Established as a new spin-off company from Mitsui & Co., Ltd.'s warehouse divison

Nov. 1994

Sun East Fukuoka Bluilding completed

2001 - 2010

Jan. 2003

Trade name changed to "Nitto Logistics Co., Ltd."

Jul. 2005

ISMS BS7799-2 certification obtained

May. 2006

Holding company Bussan Logistics Holdings Ltd. established in cooperation with Kyogi Soko Co., Ltd. and Toshinsoko, Ltd.

Apr. 2007

Merged with Kyogi Soko Co., Ltd. and Toshinsoko, Ltd. and company name changed to "Tri-net Logistics Co., Ltd."

Apr. 2009

Approved as a Licensed Customs Broker Under the AEO program

Apr. 2010

Merged the holding company Mitsui Bussan Logistics Holdings Ltd. and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. by share exchange with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

2011 - 2020

Apr. 2012

Merged with Mitsui Bussan Logistics Managemaent Co., Ltd.

Apr. 2013

Approved as an Authorized Warehouse Operator under the AEO program

May. 2013

Katsuhima Warehouse No.1 completed

Apr. 2017

Merged with Tri-net(Japan) Inc. and changed company name to "Mitsui & Co. Global Logistics Co., Ltd."

Jun. 2017

Shares of two Tri-net Group overseas companies in the Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Group ─
Mitsui&Co.Global Logistics(Shanghai)Ltd. and Mitsui&Co.Global Logistics&Insurance(Thailand)Ltd.
─ transferred to MGL to make these companies subsidiaries

Nov. 2019

Mitsui&Co.Global Logistics(Vietnam) Company Limited established

2021 - Current

May. 2021

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. transfered its share in Mitsui & Co. Global Logistics (Asia) Pte to our company, which made Mitsui & Co. Global Logistics (Asia) Pte. (incuding PT. Mitsui & Co. Global Logistics Indonesia) become our subsidiaries.