What is MGL's apparel logistics service?

The logistics proposals and systems we provide in line with customer business life cycles are well-regarded, and we have been appointed as the logistics partner of many customers over the years.

To help respond to the labor shortage—which is quickly becoming more severe—we constantly strive to make improvements and are focusing on the promotion of the latest material handing R&D, which is aimed at coexistence between people and robots.


Workflow design backed by an extensive track record

Our track record of apparel goods alone includes 700 million pcs per year.
Based on the business knowledge we have cultivated over the years, we propose the best possible logistics schemes.

Flexibility necessary to handle quantity waves

MGL can achieve warehouse arrangements flexible enough to handle the business volume fluctuations specific to apparel.
By securing capacity in line with customer shipping plans, we can help ensure resistance to waves.

Using an originally developed WMS to develop customer-first operations

To help eliminate the gap between actual operations and systems, our WMS is developed by human resources familiar with on-site operations.
MGL provides operations in line with customer business models as opposed to operations based on existing systems.

KPI-based improvement activities

We specify KPI items for each customer based on the characteristics of their business.
After comparing our results with those of our customers, we make the next move together.

Consideration of automation and labor-saving solutions

As a trading logistics company, we promote R&D related to various types of material handling through actual operations without being tied down to any particular material handling model.
Be taking advantage of our material handling selection capabilities, we can improve work efficiency.

Recommended for these kinds of customers

Manager’s perspective

Managers who want to set up logistics that match business

Managers who want to maximize sales opportunities

Managers who want to visualize logistics costs

Managers who are interested in converting facility and equipment investments to expenses

Logistics department’s perspective

Departments that want to increase inventory accuracy

Departments that want to shorten the lead time

Departments that want to minimize shipping errors

Departments that want to eliminate various kinds of waste

What can you handle?

We handle various fashion-logistics commodities.

Apparel (clothing)




Cut and sewn products

Knit products




Casual wear

Children’s clothes

Miscellaneous fashion goods











What can you do?

We provide distribution processing services in line with the delivery conditions.

Needle inspections

Brand tag attachment

Sale tag/sticker attachment

Department store price tag issuance and attachment

Wholesale price tag attachment

Bag replacement

Fragile item packing

Gift wrapping

Lucky bags


Where can you deliver?

We deliver to all kinds of B-to-B and e-commerce customers.

Independent businesses

Department stores

General wholesalers

E-commerce wholesalers

Individual consumers


Are inspection tours of your centers available?

Of course.
We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to experience our company’s center operations firsthand.

I want to increase our logistics efficiency, but I have no idea where to begin...

Our approach is to interview customers about their business policies and current operations and then propose goals to strive for.
We will work with you as your logistics partner, so please do not hesitate to talk to us if you have any questions.

Can I get an estimate?

Our company provides logistics services specific to each shipper, so we do not have a generic fee table.
After interviewing you about your business details, we will present an estimate along with our proposal.


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