To maintain Safety and Quality

By establishing the necessary items and maters for safety and health, we are working to ensure the safety and health of our employees, the comfortable working environment, and the facilitation and improvement of efficient business performances by carrying out the following activities.

Improvement of working environment

<Examples of Improvements>
Installation of Working Platforms

To prevent occupational accidents

Strengthening education and training

Safety measures for machinery and equipment

Contributing to local communities

In accordance with the Social Welfare Town Development Ordinance by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we have established a pedestrian deck (*) for redeveloped properties to create a barrier-free structure, directly connecting to the nearest station, and open the stores to the general public.

(*) Elevated sidewalk with a square function

Improving Operational Quality and Utilizing Advanced Technologies

In addition to maintaining and improving the quality of our services, we are promoting the creation of new value that will lead to the resolution of various social issues related to logistics and the improvement of customer satisfaction through the introduction of cutting-edge technologies and through the on-site creativities.

Provision of automation and labor-saving solutions

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Case 1

Labor savings through a sorting system

Case 2

Post-in response automatic box line system

Case 3

Automatic shelving system compatible with variable-height boxes

At our logistics sites, we are promoting R&D of various materials handling systems through actual operations without being constrained by existing materials handling systems based on free thinking.
We are aggressively promoting the introduction and use of unconventional, cutting-edge technologies, such as leveraging our expertise in collecting, analyzing, and investigating information across industries to improve work efficiency by utilizing our ability to select materials handling systems.
Our aim is to create values that can respond immediately to new social issues.

Employee protection and a comfortable working environment

We operate working sites that handle our customers' valuable products, especially on our distribution centers. Through various initiatives, we aim to build a work environment in which employees can perform their duties in a safe and secure manner, and to maintain a workplace environment as a base that can provide new ideas and values.

Preventive measures for infectious diseases

Measures to Prevent Heat Disease

Activities of diverse HR